Audio books are a sound biz now

Shanghai-based Ximalaya Inc, owner of a Chinese audio-sharing app that has become popular in recent years, not only provides a large number of books in audio format but allows its millions of users to create and share audio content. Ximalaya has audio copyrights to 70 percent of current bestsellers. Its users appreciate the books by… Tovább »

Rio Tinto upbeat on China capacity cuts

The head of global mining giant Rio Tinto Group Plc said China’s move to trim overcapacity in its steel industry would benefit his group and others like it, instead of hurting their business interests SmarTone Care. CEO Jean-Sebastien Jacques said in Beijing that China’s plans to cut more overcapacity was a good opportunity for the… Tovább »

Big Three tuck into bumper returns

Shoppers with a taste for premier goods and services are boosting the profits of China’s internet giants and driving a consumption-fueled economy. Online retail sales of goods surged 25.9 percent in the first four months to 1.46 trillion yuan ($215 billion) compared to the same period last year, according to data released by the National… Tovább »

Evergrande makes $5.8b in unit sale

SHANGHAI-China Evergrande Group has raised 39.5 billion yuan ($5.8 billion) from selling a stake in a residential property company fraxel. The decision was part of a reorganization by one of the country’s biggest real estate companies ahead of a planned backdoor listing in the mainland. Evergrande’s shares jumped as much as 8.6 percent after analysts… Tovább »

Don’t play with me

Boss looked at me across the desk and said in a very uncomfortable tone, “Lin Xiaobei, come here! Is there a wolf?” I lifted my eyes quickly glance at be angry and fierce Boss, guilty of low head, and his feet like a turtle like moved a few steps. Boss was very angry, pounding on… Tovább »

Romantic atmosphere, passionate you

If someone asks me where I most want to go, I would say Japan, Canada, Britain, Norway, Sweden, South Korea … … However, most want to go or — France. A passionate and romantic country. A holy Pure Land. I’m Pisces. Bones have a desire for romance. Blood has a romantic attachment. Because I now… Tovább »


In certain respects Belgium was in the same case as Holland. She likewise had a field army of four divisions, and her interests could be summed up in the words, ‘preservation of independence.’ But {259} here all resemblance between the two countries ended. Belgium was not merely the southern portion Hong Kong Stop over (Holland… Tovább »

Small novel “toothache”

I heard frightened Jia Qing of the Secretary to go home on the sick, fever nonsense, sick not light. Disease is also a fall after a sequelae, that is, as long as a moving crooked thoughts on the toothache. However, such a secret can not be said to listen to others right? So every time… Tovább »

Spirit dog wave

In a beautiful coastal city of Anqiu in central and southern Italy, there was a terrifying story: One day, people see a point of the old dog, with a pain that can not find the way home eyes, lonely quietly walked into the Anqiu cemetery. It along the long path of the cemetery walked silently,… Tovább »
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