Black and white life

No matter whether you cherish life journey, only one way ticket……
Do not care about the joys of life Karson Choi, it is the teachings on human life
Will love the people, is the soul of the people
Happiness is like the two sides of the page, one side is happy, one side is sorrow; one is bitter, and the one is sweet……
That one lost me with the pain in the black and white silhouette alive…………
How happiness is the unity of virtue and love!
In order to live a happy life, we should believe that happiness is possible Karson Choi.
Whether in the day or night, the world has two different colors, for the existence of two different people
To reduce the universe to the only one, the only person to expand into the universe, this is the love
Life is simple rent apartment, the most quiet memories……


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