Spring butterfly

In the spring and fall of the age, we have free flying thoughts, the wind from afar, brave, hesitate to fire, to touch the flower taboo. Who, in that year the old station, a clean suit on the back of the pack and travel; who, in which dilapidated port, sat Taiping round, separated by Qian Shanwan study Trip to Hong Kong & China. But I do not know, in the foot, in the life of the year in All sufferings have their reward., what the rain. We often look the stars overlooking the millions of light years outside ourselves, is standing on the shoulders of giants, or humble Gou in vanity, may you meet one person, such a person is very ordinary, ordinary to be lost in the crowd, but he won’t give up your dream, do not dream without sb Hong Kong travel tips. In the daytime, he may not realize the dream, maybe he doesn’t know how to understand only know that this dream is born. He will be grateful in the dark in the exploration, although not understand, but he knows, in the understanding, the spring, the butterfly Hong Kong Sightseeing.


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