Spirit dog wave

In a beautiful coastal city of Anqiu in central and southern Italy, there was a terrifying story: One day, people see a point of the old dog, with a pain that can not find the way home eyes, lonely quietly walked into the Anqiu cemetery. It along the long path of the cemetery walked silently, ah, with the smell everywhere around the nose. “Nobody knows what it is looking for Новости туризма.” Mr. Echo, the staff of the cemetery, said, “It was not until we saw it lying in front of a new tomb, with a miserable, low whimper, before we began to understand what was going on. After a long search, the dog finally found the grave in which it was buried, and it lay there, whining and wailing, as if it had flowed out of its place. Tears, so we know why it has been so sad to sob, where it stayed for several hours, until dark, step by step to look back, reluctantly leave it. The cemetery gate Trip to Hong Kong & China. ” In this case, The next day, the dog went to the cemetery to find its beloved master. This time, it was seen that it did not hesitate to go straight to the new tomb found on the first day. To the grave, it smell the smell of the ground with the nose, lying in the burial of the owner’s name engraved on the stone tablet, a long time to sob, after quietly, motionless to stay on for several hours. A woman came up and gave it a bowl of water, which immediately drank it, and it was too thirsty. The woman stroked her body, giving the woman a grateful look. But when a woman makes a gesture to her with her, it resolutely refused. At that moment, the woman saw the dog seems to give her a “I will not be deceived” eyes. In this case, The third day, people know that buried in the grave is a retired old man, no relatives, obviously, this dog is his only last friend. In this case, From the dog to find the owner of the tomb of the day, it is on time every day to find its owner, to the tombstone before, nodded, haha waist, lying on the master’s tomb sadly sobbing, and then quietly stay until Cemetery closed. People began to know this dog, every day to bring it enough to eat and drink, from time to time to distressed to touch it a few times. Later, people gave it a name: Qi Bo (meaning “stone”), because it is the new home on its beloved master’s tombstone. But as soon as the night comes, it will leave, no one knows where it hides in the end, people have tried to track it, but Qi Bo have successfully put them off ground transfers in Hong Kong. In this case, Qi Bo wave of tear-telling story, spread all to Anqiu cemetery to mourning their loved ones to the ears, so when they come to grave, in addition to bring a bouquet of flowers to their loved ones, they can not forget to Cibo with some dog canned And biscuits. In this case, Some children tried to play with the odd wave, but, Chi Bo is very sad and sad to refuse them, it is only silent shook his tail to thank people for their friendship. A livestock expert said, odd wave will be mourning the owner every day forever.


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