Small novel “toothache”

I heard frightened Jia Qing of the Secretary to go home on the sick, fever nonsense, sick not light. Disease is also a fall after a sequelae, that is, as long as a moving crooked thoughts on the toothache. However, such a secret can not be said to listen to others right? So every time Jia Juchang toothache, Wang Wang, deputy director of the king said he was overworked, physical weakness caused, also called the television station, said the Secretary has always insisted on the work of disease they call publicity. For a time, Jiaju Zhang tired of hospital news spread. City leaders to take the lead to visit the hospital, followed by various subordinate leadership, and finally the unit’s colleagues rent apartment Hong Kong.

“Oh, oh … …” This morning, Liu entered the unit, he heard the pain of groaning Jiaju Zhang, a lot of my colleagues as long as I heard the voice on the timid, which has not remember Jia Juchang the first few teeth Pain, the entire building, all the departments to hear such calls are crazy.

Wang Jie, deputy director of the Secretary-General Jia Zhuzhang downstairs when all the colleagues are concerned about the face of the first floor gathered to the hall. Jia Juchang one hand holding the cheek, while sweeping everyone said: “We all work go! Do not go to the hospital to see me first toothache is not a disease, the second if you have gifts, then I have suspected of corruption, To do a few more years!

Jia Juchang Although the speaker does not receive gifts, but every time he was hospitalized, visiting the Board has become a top priority in the whole. Xiao Liu because it is new, do not understand the depth of the Council in the shallow, when the Secretary said that when the toothache is not received, he really did not go to the hospital to visit, and later at a meeting, the Secretary criticized him for not organizing ideas , Head no leadership. This time he had to accept the last lesson, so the first time to buy a fruit basket, including a big red envelope on the inside to send the past. Sure enough, in a recent meeting, Jia Juchang publicly praised him, saying that he knew the general, strong party spirit. The Secretary praised Xiao Liu, anger Li’s boss Li Kechang in the bottom of my heart curse: “This Liu really have you, this is to usurp my position ah!” After the meeting, Li Kechang to find Liu, To the sentence: “Xiao Liu, want to head directly to me, I give way to you?” Confused little Liu Zhang two monks scratching their heads, puzzling, and finally only to consult the Bureau of the guard Zhou Zhang Shou uncle. Because he heard that Zhou is also uncle-level cadres before the uncle, because too honest, to offend the leadership to the guards before the door online advertising.

After listening to Liu ‘s remarks, Zhou uncle took the tongs stabbed a bit of briquettes stove said: “What things have rules, you a new soldier, do what can only follow your chief, he told you to do What can you do, how can he go to visit the Secretary in front of it? Your parents to train you is not easy, want to go down in the government agencies, children, ah, after a long snack bar!

This day, Jia Juchang and toothache into the hospital, and in a circle of friends made a message: “The toothache is not a disease, the pain is really terrible.Units and sisters, you do not work well to see me, we are a poor unit, We are not wealthy, who is a gift, I will bribery on the Department! “Although the words were high-sounding, but we all know, this is the Secretary for adults to enrich the usual trick start a hong kong company.


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