Romantic atmosphere, passionate you

If someone asks me where I most want to go, I would say Japan, Canada, Britain, Norway, Sweden, South Korea … … However, most want to go or — France. A passionate and romantic country. A holy Pure Land. I’m Pisces. Bones have a desire for romance. Blood has a romantic attachment. Because I now know how romantic, romantic, so more eager to romantic. However, the French romance, not everyone understands. …   He, brown, like autumn leaves everywhere – no vitality but contains the fun and elegance dermes vs medilase.   I really want to someday I can “illegal immigrants” to France, before the bridge, water, people’s day I no longer luxury, because the Peach Blossom Spring is, after all, is false, in front of me brown is true.   If one day I really in France, that day I will not be alone, because the French romantic, I will be with him, leaving the only figure in the color of the country is not harmonious, I do not want blasphemy France … …   If one day I really in France, the day must be autumn and late autumn, because the color of the unique coffee in France, I do not want him like a Norwegian Norway, do not want him as fiery Canada, but do not want him to resemble the golden Australia, for he is “only.”   If one day I really in France, the sky filled with music that day. I nestled in the chain of the river, the table is a cup of fragrant coffee, accompanied by the smell of cigar that Sese, and … … not far from a not pay attention to the music of the people slowly came to us, Can see his investment in music,   The violin floated into my mind and drifted into my heart … When we opened our eyes, his hat full of notes had slipped off the ground and waited for us to evaluate him, so I loaded a few francs into it, Mind, I will attach a rose, only on behalf of my respect for the music and compliments   Perhaps the heart is the music of respect and appreciation dermes vs medilase.   If one day I really in France, that day I must be wearing a hat full of feathers, wearing a beige canvas dress … … and the arm of his hand holding a long stick, is open the door of the ancient Lincoln … …   Obsolete non-critical, ugly does not matter, the same vision does not care, because I want to meet the hearts of the romantic, share the old and traditional romance, as long as I like!   Then someone may be rushed to, give me a … … slap in the face? Do not. Kiss! A sweet Mimi kiss! Than the French perfume is also fragrant than the French XO is also hot, than the French fashion is also prominent, than France … … too simple too easy too logical … …   So I can only hide this feeling temporarily, waiting for one day … … I do not know the day he moldy? It does not matter, I will sun drying, dry air! Romantic to dry him!   Paris is the romantic capital, the Arc de Triomphe and the tower is a symbol of the city. Notre Dame is also going to go, after all, Hugo described its story too beautiful.   Paris, this city full of love, full of poetic city, in the end what is it dermes vs medilase?   French romance, ancient and sacred. Need everyone to read his intentions. In this way, he can accompany you to – permanent.   Perhaps I see more of the old poetry, to see more of the Red Chamber of the West Wing genius beauty love story, romantic romantic fascination for those who often think of themselves as the hero of Qiong Yao novels, then firmly believe that happiness is able to vigorous Love a, can meet her a favorite princess, to get her favor, some people love someone to love, with her laugh, fooling around, she occasionally told me Caesar Jiao, that she is a Little woman. I will be with her Caesar Johnson, I was a little boy. See the sunrise together to see the sunset. I think, this is my heart the most beautiful romantic … …   I look forward to a certain day, or a year. … … in a place, smell the romantic atmosphere, see the passionate you. …


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