Don’t play with me

Boss looked at me across the desk and said in a very uncomfortable tone, “Lin Xiaobei, come here! Is there a wolf?” I lifted my eyes quickly glance at be angry and fierce Boss, guilty of low head, and his feet like a turtle like moved a few steps. Boss was very angry, pounding on the table, then grabbed a folder at me hard to lose. I was waiting for the fatal blow, leaned toward the side to hide, then Folder straight to fly into the trash. I looked at Boss a sallow, felt relieved, I wit! Far away, or have to be dead to the hospital Polar M600. “You you you! I want to angry ah! Do not want to do!” I nodded my head and said, “I want to.”.” “Then you say, how to solve? Because you lost a big project.” I bielebiezui: “I just self protection.” “You?” A Boss expression hardly wished to live. at me, “you this old godmother’s face, said Chen indecent assault you, do you think it’s believable?” What is called “old godmother face”? Is there such a bully?! Anyhow, I am also a girl. I immediately protested: “Boss your personal attack!” “Row row.” He seemed to be trying to restrain himself. “You’ve got one last chance. I’ll have dinner with Mr. Chen, and you’ll have a drink with him.”. If you make any more trouble, I’ll take care of your skin!” Then, Boss was flustered and go Polar. Don’t give me a chance to refuse. I heaved a sigh of relief. It really is self shall not live. I didn’t expect to meet Chen Ziyang at the bathroom door. At that time I was holding a cell phone in the door to call, they saw a man dressed in a black suit, the figure of a slender man walked steadily toward the direction of the toilet. The spirit of “would rather miss the countless men also did not miss a male god’s obsession, my eyes stared at him. Until he came near, I saw that piece such as a knife in his handsome face, unexpectedly some inexplicable familiar! I hurriedly turned around, dark eyes look at me now. Footsteps closer and closer, my back to the wall and prayed that he would not look at me, do not look at me. But God apparently slept. “Lin Beckham?” The familiar and magnetic voice sounded behind me. I was a little stiff, maintaining the standard one hundred years to see the wall does not turn around. However, the next second, his hands holding my shoulder, my body easily turned to him polar m200.


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